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Finding Yourself Through Travel

Tegucigalpa, Honduras


I believe finding yourself through travel is a true way to regroup with your Essence, your self.  Years ago I traveled to Honduras and India to bring home my children.  It was the beginning of finding my love and appreciation of travel. Map and compas When I travel to a new country, I have what Buddhist call beginner’s mind.  Everything is new as I am experiencing everything for the first time.  It is a wonderful experience because I am also experiencing parts of me for the first time.  I am aware of my need to communicate with a second language and how challenging that is.  I am aware of what it feels like to be a minority.  I am aware of what it feels like to be a mother for the first time.  I am not confident in the culture of the countries and it is so fun to experience things as new and find things about myself as new.

Later I found that traveling to peaceful islands or places near the ocean brings me to a different part of myself.  I find that the water gives me such peace and tranquility that my Inner Essence Practice can be fueled by the time I spend near the water.  My favorite place is an island in the Bahamas called Eleuthera.  It is about 100 miles long and seven miles wide.  The Carribean is on one side and the Atlantic is on the other.   There is very little tourism.  The island has one main road down the middle of the island. Governor Harbor, Eleuthera I am able to be with my Essence in a calm, supportive environment which strengthens my ability to be in my Inner Essence Journey.  It is challenging to be on my journey some days in my busy city with all my life demands in my face.  I want to be able to practice my Inner Essence Journey everywhere but once in a while, it is nice to go somewhere quiet, beautiful, and peaceful to energize myself and strengthen my desire and ability to live from my heart.  Most of the people on this island are perfect examples of living from your heart.  They are compassionate, loving, caring, and helpful.  There are no feelings of greed, judgment, or anger.  Each time I leave the island I am ready to bring their ability to live from their heart back home with me.  Eleuthera is my “go to” place when I need to travel to a place that I can rest, relax, meditate, do yoga, eat healthily, go on long walks on empty beaches and find my true self, my Essence, again.


Some journeyers find that going to a spa to rest and relax, eat a healthy diet, get massages and meditate in the mountains, the desert or on a beach by the ocean.  Others find a way to strengthen their Inner Essence by going to a retreat center or an ashram or monastery.

I am sure you have your favorite spot that supports your Essence.  Lake in the mountainsThis place should be a place that you go to find yourself again and spend time there find your true self again.  Some people feel the mountains do that for them.  Camping high in the mountains brings them closer to their Essence.  camping in mountainsOthers like to be in a big city in a different country where no one knows you.  You can immerse yourself in their culture and see yourself through new eyes.

Finding yourself through travel can be a powerful component to your Inner Essence Project.

Where would that place be for you?  Comment below.  I reply quickly.



Governor Harbor, EleutheraEleuthera, Bahamas

I feel very blessed that I have been able to travel to three special countries so far in my life.  Each place has given me an awareness and appreciation of the human soul.

blue house in Eleuthera

Eleuthera, Bahamas

In every place I have been I have seen extreme poverty yet happiness, and a strong commitment to family and friends.  Eleuthera is one of my favorite places I visited.

Honduran home

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

I met my eldest daughter when she was 8 months old in the capital of Honduras.  She is one of the best things that has happened to me.  The people in Honduras that I met put their family’s needs first.  I became lifelong friends with several of them.

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

The difference between what is important to many of us in the US and in these countries is very obvious.  We are so focused on time, money, and things to own.  The people I met in these countries showed genuine interest in the day, their family, and connection to others.

downtown India

New Delhi, India

My trip to India introduced me to my middle daughter.  She has been a blessing to me since the day I saw her beautiful face.  The people of India showed me a deep sense of faith and spirit.   My lawyer lit incense and said a prayer before each of our meetings.  There seemed to be a substantial gap between the wealthy and the poor.  Yet, they all seemed the honor and respect their position in this society for this time.

Indian market

New Delhi, India

If I had remained in my little world in the US I don’t think I would be as accepting and understanding of others.  My respect for other’s beliefs and customs is a direct result of my travels.

I hope I can continue to travel and expand my love and awareness of humanity.

Namaste, Katherine