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Governor Harbor, EleutheraEleuthera, Bahamas

I feel very blessed that I have been able to travel to three special countries so far in my life.  Each place has given me an awareness and appreciation of the human soul.

blue house in Eleuthera

Eleuthera, Bahamas

In every place I have been I have seen extreme poverty yet happiness, and a strong commitment to family and friends.  Eleuthera is one of my favorite places I visited.

Honduran home

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

I met my eldest daughter when she was 8 months old in the capital of Honduras.  She is one of the best things that has happened to me.  The people in Honduras that I met put their family’s needs first.  I became lifelong friends with several of them.

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

The difference between what is important to many of us in the US and in these countries is very obvious.  We are so focused on time, money, and things to own.  The people I met in these countries showed genuine interest in the day, their family, and connection to others.

downtown India

New Delhi, India

My trip to India introduced me to my middle daughter.  She has been a blessing to me since the day I saw her beautiful face.  The people of India showed me a deep sense of faith and spirit.   My lawyer lit incense and said a prayer before each of our meetings.  There seemed to be a substantial gap between the wealthy and the poor.  Yet, they all seemed the honor and respect their position in this society for this time.

Indian market

New Delhi, India

If I had remained in my little world in the US I don’t think I would be as accepting and understanding of others.  My respect for other’s beliefs and customs is a direct result of my travels.

I hope I can continue to travel and expand my love and awareness of humanity.

Namaste, Katherine