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Our bodies have certain energy centers known as chakras.  These are areas in our bodies that refer to certain critical aspects of our Essence. When we are doing STOP behaviors, the flow of energy through our chakras becomes blocked, and we feel discomfort or pain in that area of your body.  When we are living in our Essence our chakras are clear, the flow of healthy energy and love circulates through our bodies and we don’t feel any pain or discomfort.

When I am feeling discomfort or pain it is often in my heart chakra area. When I am aware that I am feeling pain in that area I first see what behaviors I need to stop.  Then,  I try to eat green foods like broccoli, asparagus, and salads.  I also need to remember to have the color green around me to help me clear out that area.

Today, I realize that I am monitoring and it is a STOP behavior because I am feeling discomfort.  The pain is in my heart chakra area so I had a nice green salad for lunch and I am looking for a scarf that has shades of green in it.

Remember, our bodies can tell us so much about what our Essence needs.  Be aware of what your body is feeling and what chakras may be blocked.