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I must live by water whether it’s a lake or the ocean.  I find my peace and creativity near the water.  As I awake and open my shades seeing the sparkling water brings a smile to my face.  When I walk to my car or the mailbox I love seeing the wildlife also living by the water.  When it rains it’s so wonderful to see the raindrops dance on the water.  I can almost hear the “Plop” from where I stand.  At the end of the day, as I shut the shades I see the moonlight glistening on the water and feel a sense of peace knowing that it will be there tomorrow.

Where is your place of peace?



I have a pink Cadillac in my living room

pink cadillac 2Children often keep us on our Essence Journey.  They are here to remind us of what is truly important – LOVE.

Babies come into this world automatically living by the Five Laws of Life (intention, possibility, choice, giving and trust).  They are living examples of how to live from the heart.

Children are needed to keep our priorities in check.  They make it easier to let go and trust when it comes to them.  They are important and remind us how we all are precious souls.

So, I have my granddaughter’s pink Cadillac in my living room so she can get in it and let her imagination wholeheartedly run free. She can have all kinds of intentions, and see so many possibilities with that car.  She makes choices and often shares by giving rides to her stuffed animals and even her aunt “Turtle.”

Children are our present, keeping us present to what is important, and our future.  I am so thankful I have children in my life.