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Worry faceI have hesitated with writing about this because I try to leave my politics out of my blog.  However, what is going on in this country is so terrible and empty of love that I must try to express myself here.

The hate and anger that is so pervasive right now towards the democrats, liberals, news media etc. is frightening.  I believed that such distain and hate for other humans in our country took its last breath decades ago.

Watching and reading about groups chanting “Lock her up” and “CNN sucks” at a presidential rally and the president not stopping it was so dissappointing as a American.   Death threats and pipe bombs are becoming common in my country.

I am not sure I want to live in a country that does not have love and compassion for others.  I know some of you would say, “Then leave” and I am seriously looking into it but I am an American and lived here all of my life.  I don’t want to leave my homeland but I don’t want to live somewhere that doesn’t have healthcare for everyone, doesn’t support equal rights for women, doesn’t provide for the less fortunate, and education is not a top priority for our children.

I want to be somewhere that I can participate in the universal support and care for the environment and know I am making a difference because the people around me, the country I am living in values education, women and men, healthcare for all, and the environment.  I want to live somewhere that is working towards a strong, healthy, educated future for all.  I hoped that was the United States but each day that passes lessens that hope.

Here’s to tomorrow and a loving and compassionate homeland wherever that is.

What the World Still Needs is LOVE

Mother Earth is cleansing with hurricanes, fires, earthquakes, tornadoes, and floods. Our country is struggling with criminals in high places and discussions of impeaching a president. Immigrants, such as many of our ancestors, are often treated as criminals, children included. Many people are without healthcare because they can’t afford it. The wildlife in our oceans is struggling to survive. One thing each of us can do to change this path is before you do or say anything make sure it comes from love. There is enough pain and suffering. Commit to making this world a better place by waking up each morning and deciding to bring more love into this world. CHOOSE LOVE! #inneressencejourney #love #Broadway  #lifecoach #peace #change #hope



I have a pink Cadillac in my living room

pink cadillac 2Children often keep us on our Essence Journey.  They are here to remind us of what is truly important – LOVE.

Babies come into this world automatically living by the Five Laws of Life (intention, possibility, choice, giving and trust).  They are living examples of how to live from the heart.

Children are needed to keep our priorities in check.  They make it easier to let go and trust when it comes to them.  They are important and remind us how we all are precious souls.

So, I have my granddaughter’s pink Cadillac in my living room so she can get in it and let her imagination wholeheartedly run free. She can have all kinds of intentions, and see so many possibilities with that car.  She makes choices and often shares by giving rides to her stuffed animals and even her aunt “Turtle.”

Children are our present, keeping us present to what is important, and our future.  I am so thankful I have children in my life.