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Living During a Pandemic


Coronavirus (Covid19) has spread rampantly throughout the world.  I have been practicing social distancing for over a month as a result of Covid19.   I am tired of staying at home but realize how important it is to stop the spread of the virus.   It has taken hundreds of thousands of lives.  Almost every place is closed except for grocery stores, banks, gas stations, and pharmacies. closed Restaurants are closed except for drive thru or carryout. The conspiracies are popping up in the social media with more and more followers.  Is this an intentional biohazard that went awry?   Are we victims of a bioweapon?  Is this Trump’s way to boost his campaign by seeing the end of this right before the elections in November?  Is this the way to control population?  Who do we blame?

Fears are ubiquitous and we are reminded of this pandemic as we go to the store and see everyone donning masks and gloves nperson with medical maskoticing lines of tape on the floors by the checkout lanes 6 feet apart.  We must stand 6 feet apart.


I miss seeing peoples’ smiles and being able to hug my friends and family,  I have been very worried as to what is best for Mother Earth and her inhabitants.  I worry that she may have given up on us humans.  Animals are reclaiming cities such as lions sleeping on roads in South Africa, deer are walking down the middle of the streets in Colorado, birds are filling the skies with their elegant flights, and their sweet songs.


flocks of birds

As for myself I let my fears take over and became more hopeless.  I got sucked into the conspiracies but had to stop.  I was becoming depressed, hopeless, and angry.  I am aware of the negative possibilities but need to listen to those that are hopeful and see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The new normal will give people affordable options to alternative energy, recycling, earth friendly ways of transportations.  The waters will continue to be clear and beautiful and sea life will flourish.  clear water with fishThe air will be free of pollutions.  Our life styles will demonstrate our values. We will have the well being of the environment as primary in our day to day living.  We will see businesses incorporating more Earth friendly practices.   Praise, rewards and recognition will be given to ones who live authentically and compassionately and not to those having the most money, the biggest houses, and the newest cars.

I went to be tested for coronavirus and can’t get the images out of my head of the lines of endless cars, national guard with masks instructing where to go.  Seeing the white tents and people inside with hazmats suits gives me the feeling that I must be in a scary science fiction movie.  I was relieved to learn I did not have the virus.  hazmat suits and national guard

Finally, I feel those people who keep smiling, seeing the goodness in almost everything, and still have their sense of humor are good role models. Mona Lisa with mask

I need to continue smiling, laughing, and trusting that life will be better when we have a vaccine for this virus and this pandemic will be in the past.

Stay safe and hopeful!!

quote on hope


screen shot 2019-01-03 at 7.52.01 pm

I have been following the news today and tears well up in my eyes when I see images like these.  This is the new Congress where women and children will come first.

I am a teacher, mother of three daughters, and grandmother to two amazing little people.  There have been times in my past where I know that I or my daughters are considered second class citizens.  I would find myself clenching my jaw at times as I watch how kids treat each other, often following their parents’ lead.   These preconceived ideas about women, people of color, and anyone that is different from the norm are so imbedded in our culture.

This last year has been upsetting for me as so many prejudices and fear-based beliefs have become so active in this country and world.  I watched our government destroy so much of what I believe in.  However, today, I feel such joy and hope and can say I am glad to be an American.  I am looking forward to seeing the results and trickle down effect of these souls’ boldness, courage, commitment, and bravery.


Worry faceI have hesitated with writing about this because I try to leave my politics out of my blog.  However, what is going on in this country is so terrible and empty of love that I must try to express myself here.

The hate and anger that is so pervasive right now towards the democrats, liberals, news media etc. is frightening.  I believed that such distain and hate for other humans in our country took its last breath decades ago.

Watching and reading about groups chanting “Lock her up” and “CNN sucks” at a presidential rally and the president not stopping it was so dissappointing as a American.   Death threats and pipe bombs are becoming common in my country.

I am not sure I want to live in a country that does not have love and compassion for others.  I know some of you would say, “Then leave” and I am seriously looking into it but I am an American and lived here all of my life.  I don’t want to leave my homeland but I don’t want to live somewhere that doesn’t have healthcare for everyone, doesn’t support equal rights for women, doesn’t provide for the less fortunate, and education is not a top priority for our children.

I want to be somewhere that I can participate in the universal support and care for the environment and know I am making a difference because the people around me, the country I am living in values education, women and men, healthcare for all, and the environment.  I want to live somewhere that is working towards a strong, healthy, educated future for all.  I hoped that was the United States but each day that passes lessens that hope.

Here’s to tomorrow and a loving and compassionate homeland wherever that is.