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Holiday gift for family and co-workers​


cropped-katherine-dasta-highresjpegLiving from Your Heart: The Inner Essence Journey is a great gift to give family members or people you work with or any group that you spend time with and want to have a more cooperative, loving and compassionate relationship together.

It is a book that teaches four behaviors to stop when they cause pain and suffering to you or others.  Then, the Five Essential Laws of Life are explained.  They are guidelines to follow when you find yourself doing any of the STOP behaviors and to generally follow throughout the days.  It also teaches stretching exercises for your body.  Finally, the readers will learn about energy centers in our bodies called chakras and how to pay attention to their body and learn what it needs and what it is telling you.

When a person practices the Inner Essence Journey alone it is very powerful because she becomes more aware of her behaviors and feels the pain in her body more clearly which informs her as to what and where her energy is blocked.  However, when a family or a group of workers practice the Inner Essence Journey together the benefits multiply profoundly.  family playingThe people in the group are supporting each other to STOP certain behaviors and to follow the Five Laws of Life.  It feels much better to have a home or work environment that is more cooperative and compassionate.  It’s a way to be a family, a team, a group working together.   If you want to give a meaningful holiday gift idea for coworkers and family I suggest giving Living From Your Heart:  The Inner Essence Journey and then practice the program together in the New Year.  It is truly a gift that can last forever.

My country is #50!

dangerI found that the USA is #50 out of 163 countries that were evaluated as being dangerous.  We fell right after El Salvador and right before Rwanda.  I looked this up last night after the Las Vegas, Nevada shootings.  When I selected the top 100 most dangerous countries I wasn’t even sure if the USA would be one of the 163 listed.  When I saw it was #50 I felt a pit in my stomach.   It was from a 2017 publication of Atlas and Boots:  Travel with Abandon.

I have lived here all my life.  The last few years have brought lots of doubt and fear.  Do I feel safe here?  Should I try not to be in large crowds?  When I am at the airport I fell anxious to get out of there.  But being on the plane doesn’t feel any safer.

I have been writing about and practicing Living from My Heart.  Days like the last few cause me to believe even stronger that everyone needs to be practicing their Inner Essence Journey or some practice that brings the love and compassion to the forefront of their lives.  Children need to learn this at a very young age.  Maybe, then, we would not have as many angry, fearful people in our country, in our world.

There are days where I feel this is such a large daunting task and ask myself what is the point.  But, I answer immediately that the point is to persevere with love and compassion.  We need to have so much love and compassion in the world that there won’t be a list of top 100 most dangerous countries.



Governor Harbor, EleutheraEleuthera, Bahamas

I feel very blessed that I have been able to travel to three special countries so far in my life.  Each place has given me an awareness and appreciation of the human soul.

blue house in Eleuthera

Eleuthera, Bahamas

In every place I have been I have seen extreme poverty yet happiness, and a strong commitment to family and friends.  Eleuthera is one of my favorite places I visited.

Honduran home

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

I met my eldest daughter when she was 8 months old in the capital of Honduras.  She is one of the best things that has happened to me.  The people in Honduras that I met put their family’s needs first.  I became lifelong friends with several of them.

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

The difference between what is important to many of us in the US and in these countries is very obvious.  We are so focused on time, money, and things to own.  The people I met in these countries showed genuine interest in the day, their family, and connection to others.

downtown India

New Delhi, India

My trip to India introduced me to my middle daughter.  She has been a blessing to me since the day I saw her beautiful face.  The people of India showed me a deep sense of faith and spirit.   My lawyer lit incense and said a prayer before each of our meetings.  There seemed to be a substantial gap between the wealthy and the poor.  Yet, they all seemed the honor and respect their position in this society for this time.

Indian market

New Delhi, India

If I had remained in my little world in the US I don’t think I would be as accepting and understanding of others.  My respect for other’s beliefs and customs is a direct result of my travels.

I hope I can continue to travel and expand my love and awareness of humanity.

Namaste, Katherine

I have a pink Cadillac in my living room

pink cadillac 2Children often keep us on our Essence Journey.  They are here to remind us of what is truly important – LOVE.

Babies come into this world automatically living by the Five Laws of Life (intention, possibility, choice, giving and trust).  They are living examples of how to live from the heart.

Children are needed to keep our priorities in check.  They make it easier to let go and trust when it comes to them.  They are important and remind us how we all are precious souls.

So, I have my granddaughter’s pink Cadillac in my living room so she can get in it and let her imagination wholeheartedly run free. She can have all kinds of intentions, and see so many possibilities with that car.  She makes choices and often shares by giving rides to her stuffed animals and even her aunt “Turtle.”

Children are our present, keeping us present to what is important, and our future.  I am so thankful I have children in my life.