Power of Vision Boards

future-vision street sign


The New Year is approaching and I do a yearly routine that I want to share with you.   Every January 1st or around that date I sit at a table with all the magazines and catalogs that I have been saving, scissors, and a glue stick.  I practice the Five Laws of Life (Living from Your Heart: The Inner Essence Journey) throughout the year but I take this time each year to commit to myself, my intentions, possibilities, and choices.  I believe in the power of vision boards.  lit candle


When I start creating my vision board I make sure I am not interrupted and often light a candle or do something symbolic for the emergence of the next year.   I usually spend some time in the days before thinking about what to put on the board.  So, now I am ready to cut and glue my goals for the next year.  I generally use a full or a half of a poster board.  Sometimes I select one that is colored instead of just white.  I saw someone’s vision board that was the inside cover and the first page of a spiral notebook.  Then, he used the notebook throughout the year for notes, “to do’s”, quotes etc.  (see below)


Now, I start cutting and gluing images of what I would like to experience, achieve and so on for the next year.  It’s so enjoyable to flip through magazines, look at pictures and ponder whether it is worthy to be on my Board of Next Year. Ocean?  Books?  People?  Church?  Time alone?  Meditations?  New car?  Candles?  What would be on yours?  House?  Baby?  New lawn mower?  Skiing?  School?  or what?

collage of magazines


It’s nice sometimes to do this ritual with others.  It’s fun and a good way to spend quality time with your family or friends.  I used to do it with my kids when they were little.  I kept them and shared them when they were older.  We all enjoyed remembering and reminiscing as a family. I am always impressed and inspired to see how intentions work.  I can see all their age appropriate pictures – baby dolls, legos, books, bikes, boys or girls, money, college mascots and so on.

I still do it now even though my kids are grown and on their own.  I love that time each year when I can focus on me and only me.

One key to remember is not to be attached to the outcome.  I put my intentions out there and trust that whatever happens will be perfect.


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