Magic Waters

Magic Waters

Waters of the Caribbean

Governor Harbor, Eleuthera

I took a much-needed break and went on a 10-day cruise through the Caribbean.  I had never been on a cruise.  In fact, I never thought it was for me.  However, I needed to do something substantial, on the water, and soon.  So, I found this great cruise and thought “why not?”.

It is a Holland America cruise and the people aboard came from many different countries.  It was fun to hear the rhythm of different languages and go to the library on the ship and see books in a variety of languages.  There are some beautiful languages visually and auditorily.

This was just what I needed.  Everything was foreign to me from the appropriate behaviors of being a “mariner” to the different lands we visited.   This “newness” or “beginners mind” allowed me to see each moment with an uncontaminated mind – a pure impression.

My fears and trepidations were high as I handed my suitcase to a steward and climbed the gangway to my home for 10 days.  The ship was huge and full of people moving about as if they knew what they were doing and where they were going.  As I showed my stateroom number and asked which way to my room I noticed how everyone was so helpful and kind.  I thought, well, of course, they are going on a vacation.

Even when I couldn’t communicate verbally with someone we were able to convey our “words” with body language, eyes, smiles, frown, hands, and so on.  It was refreshing to see all the ways to relate to someone who doesn’t speak my language.

One thing I became aware of very quickly is that most people on this ship show kindness and compassion.  The crew, as well as the passengers, were helpful when I looked confused or lost, included me in the excursions, and welcomed me at their tables etc.  I also noticed how the kindness was everywhere.  People were helping people who were in wheelchairs and needed something.  Passengers were so caring and compassionate to complete strangers.   I also appreciated the respect I received when I needed time to myself.  There was no judgment or pressure to join them.  I could be me.

Now, I am aware that this is a vacation for the passengers and we were not working together or had a mutual project to complete etc. but it really seemed that their actions and energy came from their heart.  Maybe they were at a place in their lives that other’s behaviors didn’t matter.  But, one of my theories is that we were on the water.  There is a book called The Healing Power of Water by Masaru Emoto which reports the healing effects of living by, being near, or living on the water.    

The implications of their research create a new awareness of how we can positively impact the Earth and our own personal world.  Since the beginning of time, water has been the symbol of the soul and is seen as the prime substance of the universe.  The fetus is surrounded by amniotic fluid and our bodies are at least 70% water.   Water has many features that make life possible on Earth.   We learned about water in our physics classes.  For example, frozen water is lighter than its liquid form.  Without this quality, rivers would freeze completely in winter; but because a lighter, protective layer of ice forms on the surface, creatures can still exist underneath.  Water has the ability to levitate.  It can flow against gravity, as in the case of artesian spring and wells.  The healing power of water from these sources, for both external and internal use, has been known for generations.

Others have researched and written about the healing powers of water.  I truly believe that when people are on, near, or in water, they are happier, healthier, and more compassionate.

I hope all of you can find ways to be near water especially the oceans or seas. IMG_3629


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