follow your passion

I have always loved to read or watch movies about people who live their passion.  A few of my favorite movies are Chariots of Fire, Julia, Contact, and Dead Poet Society.  Some of the people I love to follow are Elon Musk, Maya Lin, Jacque Cousteau, Steve Job, Bill Gates, Steve Irwin, and Sarah Chang.  I could go on and on.

It is so thrilling and motivating to see someone find their passion and then live it.  I think my granddaughter, even at the age of 4, has found one of hers.  She loves gymnastics.  She goes to her classes, practices every day most of the day and watches it on YouTube.  We now even have a pink gymnastics bar in our living room.   She can hardly wait to go to class again.


To witness the beginning of someone’s fervor and zeal for something is a gift.  The energy that she radiates, the smile and determination on her face are what I wish for all of us.

I hope we each have found or will find something that brings such passion and fire in our soul.






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