This is a challenge for a lifetime!


I am continually practicing letting go of attachments especially around my life.  I am working on letting go, enjoying the moments fully and trusting that everything is perfect for now.

This is not easy for me.  I am a planner and when I plan I become very attached to the outcome.  I remember hearing someone once use the analogy for life as putting a canoe in a lake.  When you put the canoe in the lake you usually have a destination in mind.  You begin paddling to that goal but if the currents or whatever steer your canoe to another bank on the river don’t fight it.   Enjoy the ride and see where the journey takes you.

As I practice putting my canoe in the lake and seeing what occurs I am always pleasantly surprised to see how perfect the destination is for me at the time.   I still catch myself paddling like crazy to keep myself on my path towards my original goal but I am slowly noticing my attachment to that goal and letting the currents of life take me where I need to be.


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